Business literacy, Coaching & Mentorship

" Many business ideas are biased from the start; they suffer from market orientation vitamin deficiency. Apparently, conceptual enthusiasm tends to overshadow perceptual empathy". Hougaard, S. (2006).

The creation, delivery and extraction of value from a business in a sustainable manner, is often enhanced by one's level of business literacy.

Module I: Pitch Your Idea

In this module, the entrepreneur presents an un-structured version of their idea and receives feed back. He/she is then introduced to the fundamental building blocks of a business, and then required to polish up the business idea. Upon completion, the idea will fit a particular customer profile and the trainee will have a firm grasp of concepts such as ; who a customer is, Market segmentation and revenue streams. In addition, the entrepreneurs will gain knowledge of ; key resources, key activities, key partners and the cost structure necessary to bring their products and services to the market.

Duration: 10 hours (self paced)

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" The genesis of business ideas has to do with discovering and enabling. Behind enterprise we find individuals' sense of and faith in opportunities, irrespective of whether the origin of these perceptions is technical production orientated or market based"

Hougaard, S. (2006). The business idea: the early stages of entrepreneurship. Springer Science & Business Media.

Module II: Research your Idea

Most business ideas are premised on assumptions that are often very far from reality. In this module, these assumptions are put to the test. The entrepreneurs are required to gain an exhaustive understanding of their target industry. In this module, the entrepreneur's idea is re-pitched, taking into account an industry analysis. Upon completion, the entrepreneur will be able taught about entry barriers to markets and strategies for market entry. This module also includes sessions on the stages of small business growth.

Duration: 10 hours (self paced)

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Module III: Support & Continuous Consult

This module targets already launched and existing businesses

Duration: Infinite

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