1. SME Technical Assistance

Take Your Business Online. With 12 million internet users in Uganda, your digital presence is key to your business growth. Create online order forms, display your products and services online and interact with customers in real-time. Find Out More

Analyze Opportunities in International Markets: Are your exports destined for Promising (declining) international markets? Are you importing highly sought-after merchandise? Let Fahamisha guide you in finding out answers. Find out more

Performance Dash Boards: Performance dashboards are visual displays of key performance indicators (KPIs) that provide a quick, at-a-glance view of the health and performance of a business or organization. Find Out More

2. Market Intelligence

Several business opportunities are in plain sight, but are often missed. This section seeks to gather and analyze data about various lucrative sectors in Uganda, the region and international markets. Find Out More

3. Digital Skills for Educators

Are you an educator?

Then its time to take your classes online. Learn how to convert your teaching material into engaging digital content and create online assessment tools for your learners. Upon completion you will gain skills to keep up-to-date with advances in your subject and grow professionally.


4. Monetize Your Influence


Are you able to sway audiences? Do people follow you on social media platforms? Then its time to monetize your influence. As one of the most popular forms of digital entertainment, influencers attract more viewers than traditional media, and thus the attention of advertisers. Sign up here; Coming Soon

5. Enterprise Development

The creation, delivery and extraction of value from a business in a sustainable manner, is often enhanced by one's level of business literacy. Find Out More